Thank you for choosing the School of Dance and Music for your child’s music education needs. Our Music program strives to find ways to connect, educate and motivate each unique student on their journey learning music.   We have found that consistency in practice (and not just length of practice) is your best indicator of progress and love for any field of study.   One tool we use to help coach students through learning music is by the use of a practice log.  We incorporate a token system that helps encourage the amount of days they practice during the week and let them ‘bank’ their tokens for fun prizes that they can work towards throughout the year.

School Of Dance And Music
School Of Dance And Music

Students can also collect Performance Trophies by participating in our bi-annual Music Recitals.   Feel free to ask any questions you may have about our goal systems or the music department in general. We hope you find this to be a very fun and encouraging program for both you and your child.

Here is a link to our practice logs for your student to fill in weekly :

Music Token Practice Logs.pdf