“If Music Can Change One Person,

It Can Change The World”

– Bono

Who Is This for?

The School of Dance & Music offers music lessons for all ages including adult! Generally, students aged 5 and above are suitable for a music class, but there may be exceptions depending on your child’s aptitude. Our teachers can assess your child to determine if they are developmentally ready to begins lessons or not. We take great pride in catering to kids from age 2 up to adults with our dance programs.

We offer Piano Lessons – Voice Lessons – Guitar Lessons – Bass Lessons – Violin Lessons – Drum Lessons- Songwriting Lessons Dance Classes – Mommy and Me Classes – and Other Styles

School Of Dance And Music

Why Choose Us?

  • Basic to Advance Lessons – We teach basic to advanced techniques to help each child maximize their potential.
  • Highly Trained Teachers – University trained teachers with extensive performance backgrounds.
  • Different Styles – Instructions in rock, classical, pop, jazz and more.
  • Parent Viewing – All of our classrooms can be viewed through many observation windows.
  • Free Intro – Sign up for a complimentary 15 min. private lesson before you commit!
  • Motivation – We want to keep our music students excited. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as student of the day cards, practice tokens and prizes, music albums, and two optional, low pressure, fun recitals yearly.
  • Schedule Multiple Children – Multiple children can take dance and or music at the same time!
  • Awesome Customer Service – Our desk staff is always available during class times for assistance.
  • Student’s Choice – Our students can choose what they want to play.
School Of Dance And Music