“To touch, to move,

To inspire… That’s DANCE. “

– Aubrey Lynch

Who Is This For?

The School of Dance & Music takes great pride in catering to kids from age 18 months up to adults with our dance programs. We believe in meeting your child where they are and bringing out the best in them through our wide array of dance classes and highly experienced teachers.

Do you want your child to learn new and exciting skills and develop unmatched confidence – all while staying physically fit? Your child is already a good fit for SDM and we can’t wait to have them over! In cooperation with our first rate Music Program, we offer dance instruction to Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Palos Verdes, Gardena, Lomita, Westchester, and the overall South Bay.

We offer Ballet Classes – Hip Hop Classes – Jazz Classes – Contemporary Classes – Tap Classes- – Preschool Dance Classes – Mommy and Me Classes – and Other Styles.

School Of Dance And Music

why Choose Us?

  • Basic to Advance Lessons – We teach basic to advanced techniques to help each child maximize their potential.
  • Unlimited Makeup Classes – Not only do we allow make up classes, but we also allow you to make up your missed class in different class styles. Ballerina? try a hip-hop class, hip- hoppers? Try a jazz class. Makeup classes do not expire within 2 months, instead we give you the full school year. Get your full tuition value!
  • Parent Viewing – All of our classrooms usually can be viewed through many observation windows. At this time we are limiting our observers to one parent for all dancers under 6yrs of age.
  • Mental & Physical Fitness – Being part of a dance class automatically makes your child strive to be physically and mentally active so they can be a sound part of a team.
  • Annual Performance – Our well organized recitals give families an opportunity to perform at the Redondo Performing Arts Center each year!
  • Small Class Sizes – The maximum students allowed in our classes range from 7 for toddler classes up to 10 for preschool and 13 for older students.
  • Motivation – We want to keep our dance students excited. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as, in-studio performances, parent observation days, trophies, pictures, and high quality recorded performances.
  • Exceptional Facility – Our dance studios have a professional floating floor which means it’s not mounted into the walls, therefore giving a spring like experience which is both fun and injury preventive. We also have dance shoes and dancewear handy for your convenience stocked with everything your child will ever need (shoes, tights, leotards and more).
  • Multi Discounts – We also have discounts when adding additional classes to your weekly schedule.
  • Schedule Multiple Children – Multiple children can take dance and or music at the same time!
  • Awesome Customer Service – Our desk staff is always available during class times for assistance.
School Of Dance And Music