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Words Form Our Happy Students


“What wonderful life long lessons my kids are learning at the School of Dance & Music! The teachers are positive and motivating and they each bring their own originality every week. The staff is kind and professional. Our family looks forward to a long relationship with the school.”

Mickie Kingston


“I love the School of Dance and Music! I have danced there for years and I always love my teachers. They are always willing to listen and are open to what the students have to say. I like that all the teachers are friends and are nice. The teachers and students works well together (we are a team) and when I am there I feel at home.”

Michael Costa


“My daughter has met lots of friends at the school and has a great time coming here. She loves the teachers and staff and looks forward to the fabulous dance & music recitals they put on every year. The school is very well run and very accommodating to stressed out parents with ever changing schedules.”

Nancy Valvo


“The School of Dance & Music is a wonderful studio and I’m thankful to have such passionate and dedicated faculty teaching Kevin. He has grown so much technically and emotionally in the warm, encouraging atmosphere over the years. Having him dance at the school is one of the best decisions I have made as a parent.”

Kazue Le