5 yrs Old & Younger


1 HR. WEEKLY Ballet/Tap and Hip Hop Jr. classes are both great options! Work on your love for dance!


1 – 2 HRS. WEEKLY If you add a Hip Hop Jr. class please keep at least one Ballet/Tap class to maintain your strong dance foundation.

Path Of Dancer
Path Of Dancer

8 yrs Old & Younger


1 – 2 HRS. WEEKLY Try different dance styles! Remember that taking a Ballet class will help build a technical foundation for your Jazz training and adding a Jazz class will help your Hip Hop or Tap training.


2 – 4 HRS. WEEKLY Ballet focused students take 2 Ballet classes weekly to be on track for future pointe work. Jazz focused students take at least 1 Ballet class weekly for progression. Hip Hop and Tap are great additions to your core schedule above for building rhythm, musicality, and performance confidence. Ballet & Jazz classes are considered core classes because they build, flexibility, strength, and other skills that are important to all styles of dance. Adding a company option for additional performance training may also be a great add-on as well.

9 yrs Old - Teen


1 – 3 HRS. WEEKLY Taking one class weekly in any style is a great way to build confidence and grow comfortable in your own body. Classes like Ballet and Jazz will help develop skills like turns, leaps, and kicks that will help with all other styles like Hip Hop and Tap.


5 – 12 HRS. WEEKLY Depending on your focus (Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, or Tap) hours training weekly varies. Ballet focused students take at 2 classes weekly for pre-pointe work and then 3 or more once training on pointe . Jazz focused students train in multiple Jazz classes in addition to their ballet training. Hip Hop or Tap focused students keep a Jazz or Ballet class as a core weekly.

Advanced Technique

MASTERY, DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT 4 - 12+ HRS. WEEKLY Depending on your focus, training time weekly varies. For Ballet focused dancers 6 hours weekly is their advanced training while those focused in Jazz are taking twice as much. Many add hip hop, tap, private lessons, or company classes to their core technical classes for further training and performance opportunities. Please connect with us for a tailored plan.

Path Of Dancer

Choose Your Path

Get the most out of your dance training!

So, your child is taking dance classes? Whatever the reason was of why you started, dance will develop and challenge your child mentally, physically and emotionally. We want to provide you with best training at the right times, at the right levels, and at the right pace that suits your talent, desires, and level of commitment.

Let us help you!

The “Paths of a Dancer” found on the other side of this document is to be used as a quick guide to see where you are currently as a dancer or to help plan on where you would like to be. These paths are nothing new to our school or to dance in general but are brought to light at this time of year to give you the power of knowledge to get the most out of your training. Your chosen path is decided by your expectations, commitment, and technique that grows with your child while they mature as a dancer and as an individual.

Results will vary!

Every student will experience progress that is comfortable to him or her in time, but no two students will progress at the same rate even if they experience the exact same training. This is why it is so important throughout training to encourage focusing on oneself, to give it your all, and to be satisfied with your own accomplishments. You will also find on your journey that dance education encompasses far more than the technique or the steps you or your child will learn, and that it does not depend on the “path” chosen. We believe that the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment by offering them the chance to learn when it’s a challenge, experience the spirit of teamwork, and to feel what hard work and perseverance can really accomplish.

Enjoy the process

Our goal is to educate the mind, bodies, and to free the souls of our students, which in turn can help teach them the skills needed for a successful life. Use the “Paths of a Dancer” only as a guide to know what is possible and then let us help get you there with the most enjoyment and success in the process.

Decide your current path!

Goals and interest change so please re-assess your path each year and let the front desk know so we can better serve your dancer and help him/her reach their goals.

Which path are you on this school year?

Educational | Developmental | Advanced Technique

Please let us know!

Thank you!

We hope this document gives you an airplane view of the possibilities within and beyond dance and helps to assure you that you are in good hands throughout the process. Thank you again for choosing our school and for helping us provide a space to build confidence and friendship by inspiring children of all ages to express and celebrate the wonderfully alive individual inside.

Submit now to classes to receive complimentary enhance your dance training.

Let us help you get the most out of your dance training! Refer to the “Paths of A Dancer” guide for more details.

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