Thank you for choosing the School of Dance and Music for your child’s music education needs. Our Music program has a goal-based system to provide structure and reward for every student. You may already have a child who has received a medal and digital album. Our program is structured to provide the teachers in the music department with some new teaching tools and techniques, plus it gives the students reasonable goals to work towards.

School Of Dance And Music
School Of Dance And Music

Our Motivational Musical Goal System will help encourage your child to practice more using a school wide award level system. It is our hope that this awards system will give your child a tangible goal to strive for and to help encourage your child to practice and progress more throughout the year. Each teacher sets the goals per student, so your child’s strengths and weaknesses are still considered on an individual basis. When your child completes a level, they receive a medal and may also receive a lanyard giving them access to a digital album containing the songs they recorded during their lessons. Medals and digital albums are given out every three months. The back cover of this binder contains a copy of our current school calendar. Feel free to see the front desk for any questions about our school calendar.

The medals awarded have different colored ribbons signifying a specific level within the goal system. An average student should be able to complete a level every five months. Those that perform at one of our Music Recitals will earn a special Performance
Trophy for participation.

Many of the ideas in this program have been used with great success at other top music schools throughout the country. Your private instructor will be providing you with more information as the year progresses. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Goal System or the music department in general. We hope you find this to be a very fun and encouraging program for both you
and your child.