PRE-REGISTRATION <br>2020 – 2021

Preregistration for the 2020-2021 School Year
Begins July 13th!

We would like to invite our dedicated families to a Pre-Registration opportunity to help select the most convenient schedule from our 2020-2021 School Year classes before we open registration to new families and the general public.


To take advantage of this Early Private Pre-Registration, please review the packet you received in the mail or feel free to stop by or call the front desk any questions you may have. Thank you!!


Register Online :


Jul 13    Preregistration begins for our music students

Jul 20   Preregistration begins for all dancers that completed our ’19-’20 school yr

Aug 3    Preregistration begins for all dancers that were part of our ’19-’20 school yr

Aug 10  Registration is open to all new students


VIP #’s 400+ Registration Opens Jul 20 10am
VIP #’s 300-399 Registration Opens Jul 22 10am
VIP #’s 200-299 Registration Opens Jul 24 10am
VIP #’s 100-199 Registration Opens Jul 27 10am
VIP #’s 51-99 Registration Opens Jul 29 10am
VIP #’s 1-50 Registration Opens Jul 31 10am

*Your family VIP # is based solely on the total number of weeks that your family has been registered in classes at our school.

Online Pre-Registration for current students ends Aug 9th After this date Registration opens to the public for all classes.