June Dance Recital Participation  <strong>Deadline – Nov. 10th!</strong>

June Dance Recital Participation Deadline – Nov. 10th!

– In order to participate in our optional Dance Recital on June 13th & 14th at the Redondo Performing Arts Center, students must be enrolled in dance classes by Nov. 9th.
– All dance students enrolled before Nov. 9th were automatically placedin the recital.
– If you would like to opt out of the recital for any reason please let us know before Nov. 9th. If you register for additional classes or switch class times after this date you must fill out a Recital Participation Request From at the front desk.
– Unless you choose to decline from participating in the recital before Nov. 9th, a charge of $90 per class will be debited from your account on file on that date. (Full recital refunds are available until Jan. 1st)
– Be sure to tell your friends to sign up before the Nov. 10th deadline!