Fall Pre-Registration Has Begun

Fall Pre-Registration Has Begun

Hello SDM family!

Thank you for being part of our school. We are emailing you to let you know that we have opened pre-registration for fall for our current students.

Your teacher has reserved classes for you and we are asking if you would like to “Save Your Spot.”


1- Go to schoolofdanceandmusic.com/saveMySpot to see what classes were recommended and temporarily reserved for you.

2- Enter your student username & password or click on the “Current Student” link for assistance

3- View “Pending Classes” to see what your teachers have temporarily reserved for you

4- Need a different time? You can release the classes reserved and use the “Search” to find other available options.


*Please note that the first tuition payment is not charged until June 20th so you may sign into the portal anytime before then to add or remove classes without any fees, so you can create the best schedule for the fall! After June 19th there will be a $25 early withdrawal fee per class.  Once fall classes begin (August 23rd) the 30 day withdrawal policy is enforced.

 ** If you want to set up a time to connect with a teacher about a class please give us a call and we will find a time to connect you both instead of the limited time in between classes.


Why pre-register?

* Get the best choice of dance classes & music lessons for your family

 Let your friends new to dance or music know that even though registration for fall will open to new students on June 1st they may still get on a waitlist and we will call them on this date when all reserved classes for current students are released 🙂

* $50 Registration fees are waived for all students that register before June 20th


Feel free to give us a call or visit us at the front desk if you have any questions! 310 406-1730

Fall schedule (schoolofdanceandmusic.com/fallSchedule) – now enrolling current students

Summer schedule  (schoolofdanceandmusic.com/summerSchedule)  for easy reference – now enrolling current and new students


Thank You!!


PS – NEW – You can also text us at : 310-406-1725 if that is your preference!   Add us to your contacts 🙂